About Gillian

The Beginning

The Beginning

Gillian was born in 1976 in Windsor, England. The doctor unceremoniously kicked her mother out from the hospital so he could attend a Christmas party.

Circa 1981, she wandered on stage from the side of a Deep Purple concert and was mesmerised by the audience before her. She was promptly removed.

A few years after moving to the United States in 1984, she completed her first known recording, produced by her father in his basement studio. It was a rap song written with a friend, featuring synthesizers, silly sound effects and samples and has thankfully since been lost.

She attended New York University 1994-1998, with a brief stint in Florence, Italy. She studied painting and got her hands very dirty.

Discovery of Music

Having a musician for a father (Roger Glover) strangely made her shy away from performing until this point in her life. But perhaps it was just in her blood? She was 22 and was far, far away when she first sang in front of other people.

In 1998 Gillian bought a one-way ticket to Egypt to become a professional dive master. Though she spent her days scuba diving, music crept up and bit her at night. She joined her first band there in 1999.

After oscillating between Egypt, New York and London, she settled in the latter in 2001. She soon met the fellow members of Beat:Root in a pub one night and started her musical venture in earnest. Beat:Root is still going strong.

She sang Bargain Basement on her father’s 2002 solo album, Snapshot.

Red Handed

The first studio session that would spawn Gillian’s debut solo album, Red Handed, took place in 2005. The album was completed and released in 2006 and in France in 2007.

From this album her current band The Human Beans was formed.

Present Day

Present Day

In 2009 Gillian and bass player, Travis Porter, had a son. So far, his drumming skills look quite promising. In 2011 they added a daughter to the family. Her instrument of choice so far seems to be the djembe.

Roger Glover released solo album If Life Was Easy in 2011 on which Gillian co-wrote and sang on two tracks.

Gillian also designs jewellery with recycled guitar strings. She began to learn to play the kora in 2008 and loves to travel when she gets the opportunity. To Gillian, writing music and being creative is the same as taking a picture or applying paint to a blank canvas. It is capturing a moment in time. A reaction to life. So no matter how much life changes or how busy it gets having children, music will continue to play a part… and so the new album ‘Still Life With Music’ will be released soon in April 2013.